Plastic products

polystyrene and polypropylene cups and drink cups are made in following phases of production:

1) Extrusion
2) Forming
3) Print

1) Extrusion Plastification of polystyrene or polypropylene granules in extruder is induced with the use of heat and shear stress. The plastificated material in the shape of plastic foil is extruded through wide-slot head. The foil is chilled with the use of calender rollers, tightened, cut to the defined width and wound up in rolls. During the process we use one-screw machines (extruders) leading into specially adjusted extrusion heads (one ore more extruders to one head). According to the number of extruders the foil has one or more layers. The temperatures in extruders reach 180-220°C for SF processing and 220-260°C for PP processing according to foil and extruder types. The gauge of sheets is 0,35-2,1mm, the width is 250-850mm.

2) Thermoforming The forming machines heat the foil up to caoutchouc state (SF 130-140°, PP 150-155°) till it becomes soft. With the use of pressure air, underpressure, reshapers and forming tool the sheet is reshaped and gains required form. Forming and cutting are combined in one tool in case of machines ILLIG, TFT and KIEFEL. The AV and AMUT machines do forming and cutting in two steps. Ready-made products are stacked in rolls and packed in cartons.

3) Print High aquality print, up to 8 colours is carried out on Swiss machines produced by Polytype company with the use of dry offset technology (indirect typography). Individual prints are prepared on clients’ demands by our graphics department. Our graphic designers present unique package solutions, possibly make photopolymer printing blocks using delivered data. The section of graphics is equipped with the most up to date computer technology. Cups are with the use of pressure air and scroll feeder placed on printing cones in the printing machine. Before the printing process their surface is modified with the use of electric discharge (increase of surface voltage) to improve UV colour adhesion. The speed of printing is up to 600 cups/min. The printed cups are indurated with UV radiation and automatically stacked in rolls.

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