Paper products

Paper products are made in two steps.

1) Print with cutting
2) Cup curling and finishing

1) Paper cups and drink cups are made on printing machine Drusula with the ability to cut directly the coating of the cups. Printing is done with alcoholic colours using the technology of four-coloured flexoprint. The articles are made of cardboard laminated with PE on single or both sides.

2) Printed blanks are curled in cup machines Ramona and Weyhmller. Cup walls are shaped on a winding pin. The overlapping edges of the blank are compressed with ultrasonic iron. With the use of hot air the coat is linked with a bottom that has been cut out of a paper roll. The prepared round edge is reformed to a flat one with the use of ultrasound. Ready-made products are taken away and stacked in rolls and cartons.

Drusula Ramona Weyhmller
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