Customer service

On the basis of your demand for new solution of your pruduct’s package, our section of construction presents a drawing of the new product. In case of your agreement a free sample is made.

If it is accepted, we construct complete production implement and print cones.

Each ready-made product undergoes prescribed examination (size control on the basis of the drawings, weight control, flat crush resistance control, parting control...)

We guarantee that our containers are suitable for automatic filling lines.

At the same time, our section of graphics makes printing blocks for print on ready-made products.

Printed articles are packed and stored on pallets in our multi-level store.

Later, the containers are transported to a place specified by the customer.

Our sales department offers complex sale and application service:

  • Sale service – consulting and sale service from the first contact with our client to the transport of products.
  • Application service - consulting and practical service for the client in the domains of material technology, production, quality control and comfortable use of our products.
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