QMS system - DOPLA PAP, a.s.


The factory which takes a high position on the market as well as by successful production is able to reach and hold this position all the time only by highly developed quality work. Having this in mind, it is necessary to understand the term of quality not only in the sense of product quality, but also in the sense of manufacture processes.

We are therefore taking into account mainly on the first place the:


We are producing the food packing. To guarantee the high quality of our products, we have introduced a QM-System that currently is based on the principles of the standard ČSN EN ISO 9001:2016. Starting from 1997, we are regularly certified by the authorized certification Loid´s Register society. The last certification has been issued in June 2018.

The aim of our QMS is the permanent improvement of our products and of our activities. This is reached by the work and devotion of our trained and aim oriented employees, who are responsible for their daily work. We are controlling our QM-System by internal audits of all our production processes and twice in a year we are doing a checking of our QMS followed by subsequent audit of Loyd´s society.

We are clearly oriented to our customers with the main emphasis on qualify, on accurate delivery time and on wide general service starting with the design of the new product by our technicians and ending with delivery of the final product to the consumer.


AS a member of the food chain, we are producing packing and items which are coming in contact with food and we have to guarantee the safety of our products. We accepted the valid legislation of EU and also the national legislation of CR which are based above all on regulations of EP and EC 1935/2004 concerning the materials and objects designed for food contact, regulation of EC 2023 concerning correct manufacture practice for materials and objects designed for food contact and the law 258/2000col concerning protection of public health. For this purpose, we have elaborated internal hygienic directives and HACCP plan based on risk analysis which may arise by application of our products. Repeatedly, we are ordering the microbiologic tests by authorized laboratories and we let to test the specific and total migration with suitable food simulators.

Ekology and savings:

In all our activities, we are taking into account the environment. Also in this area, we observe the current legislation of EU and CR. We are using preventive measures with intention to improve deep professional knowledge and the consciousness of our employees. This is to prevent all possible extraordinary situations and the harm of the environment. We are developing products with a lower power and material consumption which is visible in production expenses as well as on environmental impact. One part of scraps formed by packing production is recycled inline in the plant and the other part is processed on the newly installed re-granulation equipment. Our another contribution to the environmental care is our access to the effective packing of final products what allows a more effective usage of transport systems bringing a lower fuel consumption necessary for product deliveries.

New products:

In the last year, we have introduced a new product – DUOCUP on the market. This is a cup combined of an inlet made from PP or PS and the coat made from the cardboard. This cup brings a reduction mass benefit of the inlet which represents a reduction of plastic material consumption of about 30 to 40% (depending on cup dimension) in comparison with standard plastic cup. The stiffness of this cup is secured by the cardboard coat which above all allows a better print on the cup, Last but not least is the ecological impact because lower consumption of plastics means a lower environmental harm.

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