Predictions and strategies

Priorities of company top management

  • In the area economy, it remains still increasing productivity, reducing production costs and to ensure long-term financial stability of the company. The activities to strengthen Dopla PAP a.s. reinforce the importance of this establishment in Central Europe and are strategic for the further development of the whole group Dopla Italy.
  • In the field of market, we suppose the greater and more effective support of contract partners and contractors and by active addressing of potential new customers to create conditions for increasing sale volume. Our aim is further expansion of activities and building a new trading company on the Polish market to increase the sales in Eastern Europe.
  • In production area, the primary aim is to increase the production capacity by about 30%. His will be achieved through the following steps:
    • In terms of 3 years, the buildings and technologies will be upgraded.
    • Unsuitable buildings will be demolished and the construction of a new hall will start which will be connected with the large expedition area.
    • System of power supply will be completed with the connection to the high voltage line and to electrical substations. The new electrical center will be put into operation.
    • Increased attention will be paid to complete the necessary peripheral accessories for production lines and machines io achieve higher production efficiency, reduce downtime and extend the offer of existing and new products.
    • We will continue our activities in order to increase the sale to dairy companies mainly by increasing sales of newly introduced combined products (paper and plastics) – cup DUOCUP.
    • The new technology will be introduced by ecological production based on usage of pulp – production of biodegradable packing.
  • In the area of social assistance to the region, the support for cultural and sportive events will be increased mainly for activities organized by the town Sušice and SC Sušice.
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